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Shon is a trainer, consultant and coach for real estate agents worldwide. Shon leverages his 25 years of Real Estate sales and marketing experience to increase your production through his systematic approach.

Shon Kokoszka is a John Maxwell-certified coach and highly regarded presenter that has committed his life to motivating others to succeed. With more than 20 years of business experience, including hundreds of millions of dollars in closed sales, Shon knows what it takes to set big goals and exceed them.

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Productivity Hack: The 4D Approach

Use this incredible hack to improve your business operations, increase your productivity and of course, make more money.   This is very simple, and it's called The 4D Approach. Let's get into it and break down what each of the 4D's are and how you can use them in...

Top 3 Buyer Objection Handlers

Top 3 Buyer Objection Handlers

In every market, buyers will offer objections at some point during the appointment. Even in a seller’s market, the fear of making the wrong decision, spending too much money and just moving forward can be intimidating for some buyers. As a professional real estate...

Converting Incoming Calls

Converting Incoming Calls

Millions of dollars are spent each year by real estate agents to attract leads. Known as “pull marketing” the main goal is to create a situation where the prospect calls you directly. Website SEO techniques and blogging, as well as more traditional advertising such as...

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Results We Get

I really appreciate you agreeing to a sit down all day coaching session. You have built a very impressive empire…

After digesting the material and the day I can honestly say your one of a handful of people that when it’s all said and done will have changed my life. I appreciate your support and belief in what 1 am trying to build and I am very much looking forward to hiring a marketing coordinator and building my real estate business to the next level…

Troy Olson

The Officlal Real Estate Company of the Dallas

I needed a road map, some new ideas for lead generation to increase our business and Coach Shon made this happen.

With his wonderful systems, scripts and diagloues and ideas of marketing we are on our way to Businesses worth having & truly a LIFE BY DESIGN. Coach showed us different techniques, shared with us what Top Agents around the nation are doing and helped us implement those systems…

Janki H. Patel

President for Women’s Council of Realtors Tri-Cities 2015 & 2016