About Us

What We Do

We provide online courses, live events and one-on-one coaching sessions that help real estate agents reach their greatest potential. With fully online webinars and one-on-one coaching, agents can expand their skills to increase their sales, learn about real estate marketing, and receive advice from experienced and successful real estate agents. We don’t believe in the old fashioned methods of real estate. As a real estate agent, your client base is less and less old fashioned. Why would you continue to do things the same way?

Why We Do It

Most of real estate is learned while on the job, and it can take years to figure out the tricks of the trade and build a portfolio. Even for seasoned agents there is always something new to learn. It has been incredibly frustrating to watch new young real estate agents looking for help only to be given the “Tried and True” line of strategies. We provide learning opportunities for progressive and new strategies so agents can develop the skills needed to have success in today’s world.

How it Works

Every month we choose a true leader in real estate to be our “Icon of the Month”. We get the honor of interviewing them about what’s working, what’s not, and the keys to their great success. You get to soak it all in and apply what you learn to your own real estate business. We also have live events throughout the year for you to have an opportunity to meet and learn with like-minded agents. If you are truly ready to take that next step, we have one-on-one coaching. In these coaching sessions, we come up with a real actionable solution that is made specifically for you.

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Through our new Icon of the Month program we are bringing agents across the country incredibly valuable training worth thousands of dollars completely free. We’ve rounded up the top performing real estate agents in the industry to spill their secrets and share the exact system that they’ve used to sell millions of dollars in real estate. These top experts are literally revealing everything they know…and you can get in on the action by joining our monthly FREE Icon of the Month trainings.


The Founder
Shon is a trainer, consultant and coach for real estate agents worldwide. Shon leverages his 25 years of Real Estate sales and marketing experience to increase your production through his systematic approach. Shon Kokoszka is a John Maxwell-certified coach and highly regarded presenter that has committed his life to motivating others to succeed. With more than 20 years of business experience, including hundreds of millions of dollars in closed sales, Shon knows what it takes to set big goals and exceed them. As a business owner, he has compiled an impressive record of growing businesses, developing teams and delivering exceptional client service. As a coach and mentor, he has inspired thousands of top performers through his insights, experience and energy. Shon and his wife, Rosy, have three children, Armando, Danté, and Marybella. They live in Austin, TX.

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